Kaleido Responsive Fullscreen Studio for WordPress

Kaleido Photographers and Portfolio WordPress Theme

Its name has mostly told everything. Kaleido Theme is highly and fully responsive. In addition, it is specially designed with various features to help the users customize their website’s appearances. Begin with the idea how to serve different kinds of users the best, Kaleido has been added some necessary functions that we cannot really take them for granted such as password protection function, real shortcodes, etc. Moreover, its color selectors, switches range selectors, font selectors and background selectors are also upgraded to satisfy the needs of many people. Besides, it goes without saying that Kaleido WordPress Theme does have various beautiful and catchy layouts and portfolios that once seeing them, you won’t be able to take your eyes off these amazing WordPress masterpieces.

What’s special about Kaleido Theme? Interestingly, it has password protected fullscreen pages. This is truly helpful in some situations for users because the demand for private security is always prioritized. Additionally, Kaleido has fullscreen pages with or without captions and many types of fullscreen videos like Vimeo, Youtube and Self Hosted HTML5. Furthermore, Kaleido Responsive WordPress Theme does include WordPress 3.5 Iris Color selectors in its Theme options. Thus, one of the most wonderful things about Kaleido is multicolor options as well as its light and dark skin.

Kaleido Responsive WordPress Studio Theme

Anything else? Yes, Portfolio is something that cannot be forgot. Kaleido theme has many special and intriguing types of portfolio. Some of them are one column, two column to four column and there is also portfolio with password. One more interesting thing, filterable portfolio is the most impressive one in those types. What’s more? Portfolio posts supports are also important. There are video header, image header and slideshow header that are considered extremely crucial.
Kaleido Theme Templates are interesting as well. There are various helpful tools like multiple sidebars, 400+ Google web font choices, etc. A wide range of colors is also available to serve you the best and you can change the colors of Theme by using the Theme options. What’s next? A lot of useful shortcodes with shortcode generator are included to make Kaleido become much more versatile. Truly great, don’t you think so? With these features, your website’s appearances will become a masterpiece just like Kaleidoscope.
So what are you waiting for? This WordPress theme is now on your threshold. Imagine with Kaleido, you can make your blogs, websites, reviews, articles and many things other than these become far more attractive, catchy and everything will surpass your expectations. Just click and you will see that amazing things you are anticipating are bound to come from this beautiful theme. View Theme

Features Theme

  • WordPress 3.5 Ready!
  • Display Fullwidth bloglist and 2 column Blog list variations
  • Responsive
  • Advance Options
  • Light and Dark Skin ( Multiple Color variations supported from Theme Options using Color pickers )
  • Fullscreen Pages
  • Fullscreen pages with / without captions
  • Enable audio per fullscreen page
  • Self hosted HTML5 fullscreen video
  • Vimeo Fullscreen video
  • Youtube Fullscreen video
  • Password protected fullscreen pages
  • Blog
  • ( Ideal for Photographers and Creative Professionals )
  • Fullwidth Blog list
  • Blog list with sidebar ( 2 Column )
  • Single Fullwdith post
  • Single post with sidebar
  • Postformats
  • Widgets Templates
  • Contact Template
  • Blog list 2 Column
  • Blog list fullwidth
  • Separate blog post list template for each post format.
  • Multiple Sidebars
  • Advance Theme Options
  • Change colors of theme using theme options
  • 400+ Google web fonts choices
  • Menu with description support
  • Lots of useful shortcodes with Shortcode generator
  • Portfolio ( Custom Post Type )
  • Portfolio posts supports ( Custom Post Type )

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