Secundo Great WordPress Theme for Porfolio Site

Secundo Great WordPress Theme for Porfolio Site

Secundo WordPress Portfolio Theme is a perfect solution for those who are looking for a portfolio website which enhances the user’s creation and enjoyment in showing out website and also make an effective marketing tool.

Secundo Great WordPress Theme for Porfolio Site

Nowadays, more and more people choose WordPress portfolio theme as an effective tool to showcase their artwork, photographs, products or anything visual you want to show to visitors. For any portfolio, the way it displays the products and images determines the success of the site, and it is of importance that it should grab the whole attention of the viewer at first sight, thus leaving great impression.

Being created to best fit the need of displaying products and images of both business and personal customer, Secundo WordPress theme is designed with Responsive Design and great features that really deliver a distinctive experience for user

It is undoubted that HTML5 and CSS3 has magnificently changed the traditional way we manage and design our websites. Being built on HTML5 and CSS3, Secundo allows users to freely design in their own style but with higher productivity by assisting with clear and descriptive code, semantic code, audio and video support, better interaction to user with Drag and Drop (DnD), offline storage database, browser history management, greater mobile support with viewport widths and zoom setting, full screen browsing, great local storage in user’s browser. VIEW THEME

Secundo Responsive Portfolio WP Theme

Secundo Responsive Portfolio WP Theme

Secundo WordPress theme offers up to 53 custom shortcodes which make the process of adding specialized content to your WordPress portfolio theme extremely fast, easy and convenient. Shortcodes Generator is also available that eliminated the need to memorize the syntax or available options associated with the shortcodes.

The super popular web design toolkit Twitter Bootstrap with the version 2.2.1 is used to build Secundo theme. With major new features like Media list functionality which allow you to create features including Tweets, Comments or other nested threads, wide list of images shape (square, circle, rounded border style).

Secundo theme for portfolio site comes up with awesome features and latest technology is definitely the marketing solution that will satisfy most customers. Not only does it give you a brand new experience in designing your portfolio with greater effect but Secundo also enhances creation and make all the tasks becomes easy and inspiring than ever.


  • Responsive HTML5/CSS3 design
  • 53 custom shortcodes
  • Shortcodes generator, also available in fullscreen mode
  • 6 widgets
  • 500+ google fonts available
  • Ready for internationalization
  • Built with Bootstrap 2.2.1
  • Based on a unique design template
  • Contains all psd-sources



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